Bathroom Remodeling To Increase Home Values

Increasing the home value of any home can be a nightmarish task to undertake for anyone. If you are a homeowner and need to improve the value of a home for rent or sale, then this information may help you with some ideas. One of the areas in the home that increases the most for the least amount of work is the bathroom. A simple bathroom remodeling project can take as little as a weekend, cost less than $3000 in most cases and can yield a huge payoff in the value of a home. Here are some ideas for bathroom remodeling to increase home values.

New Shower or Tub


If the shower stall in the bathroom is small, consider expanding the area to house a larger shower or a shower tub combination. This step alone can increase the value quickly. People want larger and more relaxing bathing areas. Consider sturdy faucets, multiple shower heads or pulsating shower heads for more appeal. Make sure the water flow for the area is appropriate as well. The last thing someone wants is to have a beautiful bathing area only to find that rainwater has a stronger water flow.

Double Sinks


If the bathroom allows for it, consider remodeling a single sink set up to a double sink. Double sinks are incredibly appealing to renters and home buyers. This is especially true for couples or families that are very busy and rushed in the morning. A simple cabinet extension and extra sink can make the world of difference to a home buyer or family.

Paint and Light Fixtures


Color and lighting is everything in a bathroom. The last thing most renters or home buyers want to see is ceiling fluorescent lighting that offers unappealing light. Go for rust resistant copper looks or mirror lights to increase the value and appeal of the bathroom. Also, consider your paint choices. Go for a muted color or a solid color with some texture. Think of the bathroom as a theme and go with that theme as much as you can. Bring the room together with light and paint to give a full feel of relaxation to the room.



Tile and flooring is another easy remodeling area of the bathroom. If you choose to go with vinyl flooring then choose a sheet flooring option. Tile is a good choice, but make sure that the tile you choose is slip resistant and is easy to walk on. Ridges, dips or uneven tones in the tile could cause an accident.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can use to recreate a bathroom and build the value of the home. Remember to maximize the benefit of the project, try using a mix of the ideas presented here and create an entirely new bathroom in a short amount of time.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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