DIY Kitchen

Do-it-yourself home projects can be done in as little as an hour or as long as a week or more. The time it takes to do a do-it-yourself project depends greatly on the scale required for the project, what the project consists of and the budget for the project. It is becoming increasingly popular for individuals to take a weekend and do do-it-yourself projects to improve or remodel a room. Here are a few do-it-yourself kitchen decor projects to enhance or change the look of your kitchen.

Rustic Do It Yourself Kitchen Decor


A popular decorating style is the rustic or country design. There are several takes on this design that include everything from black bear accents to hunting lodge and log style furniture. Creating rustic do-it-yourself kitchen decor is quick, easy, and affordable. In fact, many of the items used in rustic decor are recycled or older materials found around the home. For a rustic kitchen look take old Mason jars with the seals and lids and repurpose them to create canisters. You can go a step further by adding acrylic paints to the Mason jars to labeled jars or by using a frost the glass technique. Kits for this technique can be purchased at any craft or home improvement store.

Garden Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Decor


If you have a garden idea in mind there are some quick and simple do-it-yourself kitchen decor projects that will take a little to no time. With the proper materials that many people have around the home, you can take a lattice fence made of wood and cut the fence to set along the backsplash wall area of the kitchen. Run the lattice fencing along the back to create a garden style fence look. You can also add artificial flowers, whimsical garden decor and utilize the lattice as an oven mitt hanger or all-purpose measuring spoon hanger. Make sure to paint the wood with a water sealant so that it will not ruin or molds from moisture in the kitchen.

Green Living Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Decor


Green and natural living is one of the most popular lifestyles today. There are several ways that individuals live a green lifestyle. One way is to repurpose and recycle items in the home to avoid the item going to a landfill. In the kitchen this is a perfect idea. Consider using an old chemistry set as a spice rack. Convert a section of a wood ladder for a rustic pot hanger or to hang on the wall as a dish towel rack. Another idea is to use the fork tines of an antique rake as a wineglass holder. Simply clean out the rot iron tines, spray them with a rust proof and waterproof sealant, hang the tines on the wall and hang the glasses from the tines.

All of these ideas can be used together or separately to create a do-it-yourself remodeled kitchen on a budget during a weekend or afternoon.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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