Transforming Spaces into High Style Luxury

Even if you don't have a designer's insight and experience, you can fake it with some tricks and tips from some good interior decorating design. Whether you want to bring your rooms to life or just pick colors that work with your house's furniture, you can experiment and find a completely new style that changes it up and makes your home into high style. These tips will help you pick textiles, colors, materials and furniture to create the perfect rooms for any part of your house.

All Over Color


Tiny spaces that don't have a lot of room and not a lot of light can go with an all over bright color, such as a bold red or yellow. You can mix in darker accents such as black but also continue to play with brighter colors, mimicking the red color with tufted coffee tables and plush pillows that use bright, bold patterns. If you're playing with yin and yang colors or his and hers, using dark and bright will allow you to add in some masculine and feminine elements without one overwhelming the other.

Contrasting Design


One of the best design styles is when things contrast appropriately. You can pick things like antique artwork and furniture patterns to partner with modern shapes, such as all white chairs, modern lamps and ornate wood coffee tables. In addition, choose an area rug that is a solid color when you already have a lot of contrast in a neutral tone.

Colors that Shine


For dramatic interplays of color, pick a neutral color palette for most of the room then choose bold, solid or patterned curtains and drapes or area rugs. This will bring in the eye and also make the color stand out, while still giving back to the high style with your neutral color palette and furniture. This type of décor actually shows a lot of restraint and focus, and you can weave in the bold colors with small accents and wall art.

Mix and Match Accessories


To get that high style, pick a neutral toned backdrop such off white or light tan and then pick modern and classic accessories to mix and match with. From leopard print pillows on the white suede couch to mixed and matched sconces, framed mirrors and prints on the walls, rooms can feature multiple wall mounted accessories that are artfully arranged with shape and space in mind.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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