Decorating with “Mad Men” On the Mind

Vintage looks are in this year, and the show "Mad Men" features some of the high style that is cultivated by retro designers working on homes this year. So what vintage and mid-century furniture can you take away from this popular show? You can use anything from the set, including the minimalist dining tables or just the interesting color palettes. Here's some different ways to decorate and where to get the vintage pieces of furniture used on the popular show.

White Dining Table


The Saarinen Tulip table in Roger Sterling's office was actually created in 1956. It's a minimalist design that still can be seen in stylish décor today. While the real thing would be worth thousands, you can pick up the Docksta table from Ikea for about $180.

Who Listens to Radio


The show's style also features some classic technology, such as the old vintage radios. These sound systems complete a vintage look and give function for bedrooms, kitchens or just an accent to the living room. In today's modern age, try vintage radio styles with a docking station for your iPod, such as the Stereoluxe AM/FM radio with iPod Dock, $199 at Urban Outfitters.

The Classic Chair


Molded plastic chairs were a thing from mid-center that were featured in most offices and school rooms. This is a classic call back to the 1960s and you can still find these office chairs online. The original chairs from the show were featured from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, which are quite expensive. However, you can get the knockoffs for around $120 or less online.

Tufted Headboard


Don and Betty's bedroom featured an over the top headboard that was hard to miss in stark white. Tufted headboards feature the same style but are also a little bit more low key and available in different colors so you don't have to miss out. You can find the Camden Tufted Headboards from Ballard Designs online for about $300.

Bold Bottle Lamps


Part of the charm of the "Mad Men" sets includes lighting fixtures. Bright bottle lamps with drum shades supply a tall and narrow body with a wide finish. This is a lighting style that was quite popular in the 60s. You can find them now available in a multitude of colors, including bright green blue and orange. Find the Capri Bottle Lamp from Jonathan Adler online for $275.

Tweed Couches


The living areas in "Mad Men" feature sectionals and three-seater sofas made of tweed or plaid. This is an incredibly retro look. You can pick up the Night and Day convertible couch from Urban Outfitters at $589 or look for sleek sectionals at Thrive Home Furnishings, which has the bright boldly colored Taylor Sectional at $2,849.

Pillows and Accents


You can use bright round pillows with smocking details to accent your couches and bedroom. Choose a rustic orange or bright red to fit in with the retro look from the set. Etsy has plenty of pillow options from this vintage look. In addition, for wall art, pick up on vintage ads, artwork and album covers that you can place around your room for a subtle callback to the 60s.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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