Kitchen Transformations: Getting the Clutter Out

Kitchens can be a functional yet inviting place to hang out if done right. Most of the time, the issue is with clutter. There's a lot of things that kitchens need to store and also produce, and just where do you put all the cups? If you constantly have doors opening into each other and your breakfast table is seriously intruding on the rest of your kitchen, you could add in some more space and also rearrange some things in your kitchen to open up this tight space. If you are planning to expand your kitchen this spring, you can really create an entirely new kitchen just by adding in more universal design and function. Just by removing one wall, you can find the room to add in storage, a place to eat, or just some room to shake and bake.

Creating the Space


The first thing that's necessary in a cramped kitchen is adding space. If you weren't planning on doing an addition, even something small, then you may have to remove some cabinets and simply choose to not have your breakfast table in the kitchen in order to get the right amount of space to rearrange. However, if you are adding a space, something like 12 feet by 5 inches would create extra space for the table and all of the kitchen add-ons that you need to make it a brilliant cooking and dining area. When you are creating space, think about designing an open flow from one room to the next and eliminate traffic jams in and out of the kitche.

Opening Up with Color


You should match certain aesthetics of your home into your kitchen, but just subtle accents that allow it to integrate with the rest of your home. Whether you create a theme that works through the entire house or you pick out colors that match your exterior siding, you can really incorporate your new kitchen into the beauty of your home. You also don't need to be afraid to go all one color, or even choose all white, as long as you add in different subtle colors and you'll enjoy the finished result.

Fixing Up the Cabinets


There are some really interesting things that you can do to your cabinets during a remodel. You can raise them off the floor a bit, add in stylish glass doors and choose styles that will go along with your appliances and décor. Open shelving is another way to display some of your favorite glassware or dishware as part of the theme of your kitchen. You can also use hooks and extra shelves to store things like spices, utensils and pots so that you have more counter and cabinet space.

Using Light


The kitchen should be an open and inviting place to eat. Much of that depends on the kind of lighting that you choose for your kitchen. You can use windows and skylights to give your kitchen a natural setting. Recessed overhead lights are another way to create beautiful lighting for your kitchen. Choose pendant and task fixtures to really add to your kitchen's theme and give it more interest.

Adding an Island


An island is a great way to incorporate cabinets and cooking appliances, like microwaves and open top stoves. Islands with storage space inside are ideal to keeping the kitchen clutter-free. You can also use the island as a kitchen table. There are many different styles of islands that incorporate appliances, storage and tabletop to make it a universal fit for any kitchen.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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