Six Ideas for Adding Luxury Without Cost for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most popular places in the home for a remodeling project. That's because so many people need to use the bathroom and there's nothing else to do when you're there, but look around and think about all the things you'd like to do with the space. If you're constantly looking at your tub, thinking about a whirlpool spa, or if you just want to do something different with the walls, or maybe you even want to upgrade the porcelain throne, there are some simple ways to add in luxury to your bathroom without going too overboard with your budget. Here are some fresh ideas:

1. The Towel Warmer


Getting out of the shower in the morning is the toughest part of the routine. No one wants to freeze up when they have to move fast. However, a towel warmer can make your bathroom just that much more luxurious without really costing too much. Prices for towel warmers start below $100 and are simple to use. You can also get a warming rack that can be hardwired so there won't be any cords showing either.

2. This Showerhead is Making Me Thirsty


Now, showerheads are a major bathroom breaker. If you've got a bad showerhead, it's likely that you're not having a good hair day most days. You may drool over the jetted bathtubs, but it's the showerhead that takes the cake. If you've got a leaky, low-pressure showerhead, it's not doing you any favors by keeping it around. Just under a $100, you can get some really nice pressure going in your shower and save your hair from another bad day. This not only will improve your shower experience, but you don't have to be that great with DIY tools to get it installed. Just follow the instructions and bam, you're enjoying some fancy showering now!

3. Oh My Plushy Towel, Plushy Towel


Do you really enjoy those mismatched threadbare towels you've been hanging on to for the last few years? You know, there's something to be said for a good towel. It can make you feel young again, or at least incredibly cozy. You should invest in a set of towels that really brighten or offset the look of your kitchen. It's also affordably luxurious to spend some money on your towels. You can pick up a set at Sam's or Costco for less than $25. Throw away your thin ones or make rags from them to clean up the place later.

4. Foggy Free and Lovin' It


Mirrors sure get foggy after a steamy bath. Even if you've got a pro ventilation system in your bathroom, there's always some fog left behind, and I'm sure you're tired of jumping out of skin whenever someone leaves you a nice indelible message from the beyond—no but seriously, a fog free mirror device can really help you avoid those chilling paranormal encounters. Plus, who wants the daily annoyance of wiping a foggy mirror? It's also relatively cheap at about $60 from Amazon.

5. Light It Up


Brightening up your bathroom is another way that all those gals who live with you and enjoy doing their makeup will ask for. You can do some really expensive looking things for under $100 with your lighting choices as well. For example, five light bronzed bathroom fixtures or one light sconce—yes, a sconce in your bathroom will certainly add more luxury. You can even translate your new décor into an entire theme that incorporate your new bath towels.

6. Take a Seat


Your bathroom may not be big enough for this, but if you've got a king-sized bathroom, you may want a queen-sized plush seat to go with it. A bench or little chair to help you put on your shoes in the morning, paint your toenails or just do other things in the bathroom that require a seat—you know you're tired of sitting on the tub. You can add a small seat for less than $60 unless you're getting something super fancy.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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