Dressing Up the Porcelain Throne

Every remodeling project starts somewhere. For some, that place is the kitchen, since it is one of the more popular traffic areas of the home. However, the other popular area is the bathroom. This space is also one of the most visited parts of your home, and for that reason, many choose to expand or decorate a bathroom, upgrade its appliances or simply add a new sink. While remodeling, you may need some ideas to keep your bathroom current and up to date with the latest trends. There are simple remodeling projects for the bathroom that will quickly change the look while not being drastic, unless that's what you want.

Install a Medicine Cabinet


Older homes and newer homes may be incomplete without a medicine cabinet. This is a useful storage space in the bathroom that is usually near the mirror or placed on a nearby wall. The medicine cabinet is also not that big and is able to store a few shelves for different toiletries, medications, lotions and assortment of other bathroom necessities. All you need to install a medicine cabinet is a tape measure to get an idea of the space, some goggles, a drill, level and a pencil, not to mention the medicine cabinet. Many home improvement stores sell medicine cabinets already made. You can even find these cabinets at places like Wal-Mart or Target.

Install a Pedestal Sink


This is an elegant addition to any bathroom. However, it may require some uprooting of your old sink and cabinets. The pedestal sink is for smaller bathrooms or possibly for the creation of a half-bath. If you want to make a more open look, the pedestal sink is perfect for this design. Pedestal sinks also come in a variety of designs and are less costly than a traditional sink and cabinet. You'll need a drill, circular saw, tape measure, basin wrench, dimensional lumber, faucet, drain assembly and the pedestal itself. Be careful since these sinks are traditionally very heavy. You will need someone to help you move it.

Decorate Faucet Ideas


You can spruce up the bathroom further during a remodel by picking out custom made faucets or simply opting for a sleeker design than your current model. There are all types of faucets with brushed steel or porcelain finishes. This project normally doesn't take more than an hour to complete on one's own. In addition, replacing the kitchen faucet is similar to replacing a lavatory faucet. You can find a diagram of what nuts to look for and how to complete a bottom mount or top mount by clicking here.

The Whirlpool Tub


This is a relaxing addition to any remodeled bathroom. Whirlpools are available to fit in any standard tub space and also install as easily as a regular tub. However, you will have to tear out the old tub and repair the damage to the tub wall. You will also have to tear out the tub walls, fix the new plumbing and set the whirlpool in place. For this job, you will definitely need a second person and possibly some help from a plumber to get all the pipes correctly.

Amy Wright
Amy Wright is the Lead Editor of Remodeling Central. When she isn't playing with her dogs she is trying to remodel a classic Chicago style brownstone with her husband.
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